Armani / Casa Moscow Residences is the first and only residential complex in Russia, created in partnership with Giorgio Armani. The residential complex embodies the style and aesthetics of the Italian fashion house in Moscow.


Yakimanka is one of the most authentical city areas with the atmosphere of old Moscow.

"Golden Triangle of Arts" - Tretyakov Gallery, GES-2 House of Culture, New Tretyakov Gallery.

by John McAslan+
An elegant composition of mansions, finished with light gray natural stone, accompanied with panoramic windows and French balconies.
ideal proportions
The exterior of the project is a modern and at the same time classic solution that takes into account the historical context of the surrounding buildings.
The Garden
by Gillespies

Landscaping from Gillespies is pleasing to the eye regardless of the season. All plants have a low allergenic status.

Heated sidewalks are an actual solution for the winter period.

and amenities
  • Service elevators and separation of residents and staff flows
  • Professional concierge
  • Art gallery
  • Fitness and hammam
  • Children's playroom and playground
  • Stroller room
  • Parcel reception room
  • Lounge for personal drivers and security
Simple lines and perfect proportions, complemented by first-class materials, fine finishes and elegant textiles, create a recognizable Armani/Casa style and emphasize the status of residents.
The residences are designed in accordance with Giorgio Armani's dream of a harmonious, comfortable and refined home that brings pleasure.
Q1 2024
Exclusive residences
79 - 263 m2
Penthouses with terraces
238 - 421 m2
Interiors by
The interiors were created by the legendary Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio under the artistic direction of Giorgio Armani himself.
Luxurious natural materials are used in the decoration, as well as wallpapers, fabrics, sanitary ware and kitchens by Armani/Casa
My idea of lifestyle finds its ultimate realisation in home design projects where I not only conceive the decor but define the spaces themselves. Today more than ever, the home is the core of our lives, the place that reflects and represents us.
Giorgio Armani
High quality of life is ensured by the most modern engineering systems of European manufacturers.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Air purification
  • Water supply
  • Water purification
  • Elevators
  • "Smart House" system
  • Heating
  • Telecommunications
  • Safety
  • Heating of the courtyard and terraces
Experience the atmosphere of exquisite luxury from Giorgio Armani in the showroom by appointment.
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